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Segway x2 Golf

Product Description:

Play side by side with your foursome instead of splitting up into two carts with the Segway x2 Golf, your solution to effortless maneuverability on the course. The x2 Golf is equipped with deeply treated, turf-friendly tires that let you travel on the grass and off the cart path for a faster game. As a result, you can zip from the tee to the sand dunes to the green in no time. It even includes a higher ground clearance than the original Segway, helping it handle steep hills, uneven trails, and errant rocks. If you're a golfer, you'll love it. If you're not a golfer, you'll want to go along for the ride.

The Segway x2 Golf travels easily over steep hills and rough terrain.  The integrated scorecard holder offers dedicated slots for a scorecard, golf balls, and tees.  As with the traditional Segway, the rider controls the x2 Golf by leaning slightly in any direction. To move forward or backward, lean slightly forward or back. To turn left or right, simply move the LeanSteer frame left or right. You get the same sense of power and speed as riding in a vehicle, but you also feel safe and absolutely in control. Best of all, the x2 Golf can take you places that a car or bicycle can't, including inside many stores, office buildings, businesses, airports, and trains.
The x2 Golf is also equipped with a couple of golf-specific accessories to enhance your golfing experience. The golf bag carrier attachment, for example, secures your golf bag to the x2, yet still allows for easy dismount and club access while playing. In addition, the x2 includes a scorecard holder that keeps your scorecard, golf balls, and tees readily accessible. And as a final bonus, the x2 Golf puts you well above the greens, giving you a terrific perspective on the various breaks and dips. So do away with clunky carts and get mobile on the course with the Segway x2 Go

Customer Reviews :
By David Works
Only buy from authorized dealers!!Software upgrades cost $200, if you don't buy a unit that is current.Shipping to the factory costs upwards of $150-$200 per direction.Bad Batteries are about $850 to replace.Buy from an authorized dealer. Ask questions. Be smart. Don't fall for "U can get it from a dealer for about $1,000 less" kind of crap. Buyer Beware - you really do get what you pay for.

Stewart Golf X5 Electric Powered Golf Cart w/ Remote

Product Description:

The X5 Remote has been independently proclaimed as the finest cart on the market. Fully remotely controlled from up to 50 yards away and with a stable chassis, the X5 Remote allows you to concentrate 100% on your next shot not waste precious energy by carrying or pulling your golf bag. The X5 Remote is the latest evolution of the X Series which started with the X1 back in 2003. The X Series was designed to change the perception of the battery powered cart from something that a golfer might need, to something that they desire. Unlike most other trolleys on the market, the X5 Remote was specifically designed to be remotely controlled. A unique chassis design places the battery in the centre of the wheelbase, resulting in a low and central centre of gravity which in turn gives you the stability you need. The X5 has a wide rear wheelbase (66cm), and also has two front wheels for an increased footprint. The chassis has a built in hill tamer, so you don't have to worry about hills at all. This means that the X5 Remote has the ability to remain stable on the most challenging courses without help from you, meaning that you can just concentrate on your game. X5 GOLF CART INCLUDES: - 1 Year Warranty - Battery Charger - Drink Holder - Scorecard Holder - Golf Ball Holder - Travel Bag.

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