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Maruman Golf Prestigio Gold Premium Irons, Set of 8

Product Description:
Designed for players who seek the ultimate golf clubs, the Majesty Prestigio Gold Premium Iron Set combines the Maruman's ultimate cutting-edge technology with their exceptional craftsmanship acquired through 38 years of devotion to the production of top-of-the-line golf clubs. The Prestigio irons have improved upon previous models with increased strength in the body to minimize energy loss thanks to high-precision cast 17-4 stainless steel construction in the 5-PWs and high-precision cast maraging steel in the AW and SW irons. The Prestigio long irons feature a deep CG design for longer distance and greater forgiveness and the short irons are designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy and maximum stability. Featuring hard chromium finishes with the exquisite gold finish that the Prestigio Gold Series is known for, the Prestigio Gold Premium Iron Set is a masterpiece for your golf bag.

Material Specifications:
No.5-PW Body Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
No.5-PW Face: Toughest Maraging Steel
AW, SW Face and Body: Maraging 250
No.5-PW Manufacturing Method: Precision Casting + Sides Micro Plasma Welded
AW, SW Manufacturing Method: Precision Casting
Hard Chromium Finish: Mirror Finishing + Pure Gold I.P.
Coating: Pure Gold + Brown Ruby Gradation
Flex: Regular  Weight: 41 grams
Torque: 4.6
Kick Point: Low
Material: High Intensity, High Elasticity Carbon + Fullerene
Finish: Pure Golded IP + Brown Ruby Gradation
Grip Name: MJ Vib non Light
Weight: 35 grams
Inner Dia: D

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